Gold Membership

$1610 Gold Membership

1 year membership Sep 2016 – Aug 2017

Contract available at Predator Wrestling Club, see any board member.

Participate in all sessions:  Pre-season,  Regular Season, Post Season and Summer Session (ending August 31st).

All Sessions included

Payment Options: 1 payment,    2 payments with signed contract,    Monthly with signed contract

Memberships are not refundable.

1 Payment of $1610 due Sep 1

2 payments :
$805 1st Payment due Sep 1st and 2nd Payment Feb 1st with signed contract

Monthly $137:
With signed contract
$274 due Sep 1st ( 2 months; Sep and 1 month in advance)
$137 monthly Oct 2016-July 2017 due the 1st of every Month

Gold Membership
Wrestler’s First Last Name

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